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Sedation dentistry is a great choice for patients who feel anxious or nervous about dental treatment. It can be a necessity for others, including those with disabilities and extreme anxiety. If you suffer from dental anxiety, if you have had negative experience at dentists in the past, or if you simple feel nervous about your treatment, sedation dentistry can help you feel more at ease. It’s also a good choice for patients who have difficulty getting numb or who have an extremely sensitive gag reflex. There are only four anesthesiologists, however, they work out of different office throughout Montana. Dr. Nygard is currently the only one service the Gallatin Valley area in Montana to offer general anesthesia.

Sedation Options

  • Nitrous Oxide: A sedative gas that is mixed with oxygen and inhaled to enhance relaxation. It’s a mild form of sedation that wears off just a few minutes after we stop the flow of gas.
  • Oral Sedation: Oral medication is taken before your treatment. By the time of your appointment, you will feel calm and at ease.
  • IV sedation: Mediation is administered intravenously. This enables our dentist to provide the sedation more quickly. We can easily control the level of sedation. As a form of conscious sedation, it will not make you unconscious, but you may feel so relaxed during your treatment that you will fall asleep.
  • General Anesthesia: General anesthesia is medicine that is administered by a physician anesthesiologist through a mask or an IV placed in the vein. While the anesthesia is working, you will be unconscious and many of your body’s functions will slow down or need help to work effectively.


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